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Asia’s Largest Jacket" Haiji-1" Successfully Installed Offshore


EPCI contractor Offshore Oil Engineering CO.LTD (hereinafter referred to as COOEC) successfully launched " Haiji-1 ",the largest deep water jacket in Asia, into position with high accuracy in the eastern waters of South China Sea on April 11th.

" Haiji-1 " is designed to withstand extreme sea conditions, even the once-in-a-century ones.

With total height of 302 meters and 30,000 tons weight exceeding the lifting capacity of the world's largest derrick barge, the offshore installation was carried out by launching.

COOEC initiates the groundbreaking construction mode of joint operation of three main operation vessels and applies dozens of cutting-edge technologies including transportation monitoring system, launching motion monitoring system and digital twin in this operation. Technical challenges to be deemed as bottlenecks including super strong internal wave current, giant sand wave and sand ridge under the sea, 10,000-ton environmental load, and precise launching and positioning of super large structures have been conquered with satisfaction.

In recent years, COOEC continuously enhance the capacity of major equipment construction and the technical know-how, "Top 10 Equipments" represented by  the mega launching barge-"HYSY 229" and "Top 10 Technologies” represented by "300 meter deep-water jacket design, construction and installation technology" had formed, that took the EPCI capacity of offshore oil and gas project to an advance level in Asia.