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Over Half of the Modules of the World’s First Integrated Modular LNG Plant Successfully Delivered


Recently, as the first two core process modules of Train 2 of the North American LNG (liquefied natural gas) Project were delivered for sail-out in Qingdao Yard, marking the successful delivery of over half of the modules constructed by COOEC for the world’s first integrated modular LNG plant and laying a solid foundation for complete delivery of the whole project on schedule.

The A2EA and A2EB modules delivered this time are acid gas removal modules with a height equivalent to a 16-story residential building, each weighing about 7,000 tons. The duration of module construction from final assembly to delivery has been reduced by 15%, setting a new record for the delivery time of core process modules for the project. Up to now, 19 modules have been delivered, and the overall construction progress has exceeded 92%.

COOEC undertakes the construction of 35 modules for the first phase of the project, including all the 19 core process modules. Unlike the traditional construction mode in which pipe gallery modules and core process modules are constructed separately and interconnected on site, the core process modules and pipe gallery modules for this project have been constructed in an integrated manner, which is the first such practice in the world, and many new processes and techniques have been created during construction. This novel practice has significantly reduced the workload of onsite installation and improved the extent of modular integration and construction efficiency.