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Construction of the Heaviest Float-over Module in Bohai Oilfield Successfully Completed


On September 7, 2022, the construction of the CEP module for Kenlin 6-1 Oilfield Development Project, the largest new project for increasing crude oil production completed in 2022 in Bohai Oilfield—China’s largest oil production base, was successfully completed in Qingdao Yard.

The CEP module for Kenlin 6-1 Oilfield Development Project is an 8-leg central platform with more than 130 pieces of equipment and a design weight of 15,500 tons and is the heaviest module in Bohai Oilfield. After the platform is put into operation, it will connect eight platforms of three oilfields including Kenlin 6-1, Bozhong 35-2 and Bozhng 29-6 oilfields and provide strong support for the development of Bohai Oilfield.

The Kenli 6-1 CEP module is the first module completed by COOEC Qingdao Yard under a comprehensive “industrialized” management mode. Since the commencement of module construction in September 2021, the project team has been continuously optimizing the construction procedure and has taken various effective measures, such as double panel prefabrication and final assembly, carried out integrated construction, and greatly improved the efficiency of panel prefabrication and assembly. To overcome the many difficulties such as multiple sequences in the construction of the shell-type living quarters and the large quantity of work, the project team has creatively adopted the segmental construction method and reduced the lifting workload by 3/5, thus reducing the overall module construction time.