Business overview

In September 2018, COOEC Construction Division was officially established relying on the construction brand of Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. COOEC Construction Division mainly engages in the onshore construction of offshore oil and gas fields production facilities, such as steel jacket offshore platforms and jack-up drilling rigs, and onshore modular plants, offering a wide variety of products covering oil and gas fields in China’s deep seas and shallow waters and spreading to international markets in Europe, Australia, Arctic region of Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, West Africa, South America, etc.

COOEC Construction Division is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province and has deployed its yards and sites in Qingdao, Tianjin, Zhuhai and Zhanjiang. COOEC Construction Division has a total yard area of approximately 4.065 million square meters and a total production capacity of 751 thousand tons per annum. Qingdao yard has a total area of 1.20 million square meters, a registered capital of RMB 3.0 billion Yuan and a design production capacity of 270 thousand tons per annum. Tianjin construction yard has a total area of 0.22 million square meters and a design production capacity of 60 thousand tons per annum. The yard in Tianjin Lingang Economic Zone has a total area of 0.575 million square meters and a design production capacity of 71 thousand tons per annum. COOEC-Fluor Heavy Industries Co., Ltd has a registered capital of RMB 6.4 billion Yuan, with 51% shares held by COOEC, a total yard area of 2.07 million square meters and a design production capacity of 350 thousand tons per annum.

    > Construction and installation of various jackets, modules, single-point mooring systems and LNG core process modules, etc. 

    > Construction of subsea pipelines and onshore terminals

    > Skids, pressure vessels and anode casting

Business capacity

In April 2013, the Company completed and delivered Liwan 3-1 project in the South China Sea. As Asia’s largest deep-water oil and gas platform independently developed by China, this platform is honored as a “subsea nest”. The development of gas field marks a leap forward from 100 m water depth to 1500 m water depth achieved by CNOOC through nearly 30 years of efforts.

On August 16th 2017, 36 core process modules of Yamal LNG project in Russia were delivered after three years and five months, marking the company as the world’s first offshore oil engineering company to deliver LNG core process modules on schedule and its successful promotion to the “first echelon” of international constructors of LNG core process modules.

On May 16th 2018, the Company successfully delivered the world-class FPSO P67, China’s first independently integrated FPSO and the largest FPSO delivered by Chinese company to its foreign counterpart, which expanded the reputation of premium “Made in China” products in the South America market and further promoted the Company’s visibility and influence in overseas markets.

Penguins FPSO, the first cylindrical deep-water FPSO project undertaken by CNOOC, Liuhua 16-2 FPSO, CNOOC’s first internal turret single-point mooring system constructed in China, and Lingshui 17-2 semi-submersible floating production unit, CNOOC’s first self-operated deep-water gas development project, were commenced successively in Qingdao yard, marking the continuous contracting of premium quality projects and the continuous upgrading of product structure.

    > 7 functional departments and 1 CPC Inspector’s Office

    > Project management center, market development center, project quality management center, fabrication design center, welding laboratory

    > Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd, Tianjin Construction Branch, Zhuhai Branch

    > 1 professorate senior engineer, 95 employees with senior professional titles, 674 employees with intermediate professional titles, 1 top-class senior project manager, 2 senior project managers, 1 top-class project manager, 11 project managers, 105 project engineers; 1243 operators/practitioners with professional qualification certificates, indicating a certification rate of 81.5%, among whom the number of technicians, senior technicians and skilled professionals accounts for 22.28% of the total number of certificate holders.

    > Currently, Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd has 2365 welder’s qualification certificates issued by itative organizations such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV) and Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), including 1228 certificates issued as per AWS D1.1, 630 certificates issued as per ASME Ⅸ, 42 certificates issued as per API 1104, 428 certificates issued as per European standards, and 37 certificates of qualification for steel structure welding issued by Canadian Welding Bureau.

Business goals

Facing the future, COOEC Construction Division will unwaveringly follow the path of high-quality development, closely focus on CNOOC’s grand goal of building an “international leader energy company with Chinese characteristics” and COOEC’s grand goal of building an “international leading energy engineering company”, position its products as “large, high-end, deep-water, international” products, speed up the development of international and deep-water markets, promote communication and cooperation in the international and deep-water markets, improve project operation and management levels, and endeavor to achieve the development goal of building an international leading COOEC construction brand with Chinese characteristics.

    > Corporate spirit: Love and respect of profession, pursuit of truth and innovation

    > Development goal: international leading COOEC construction brand with Chinese characteristics