Technical services

Technical services

COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch has integrated COOEC’s superior resources and developed seven major engineering and technical service sectors with unique characteristics, having the capacity to provide subsea pipeline engineering and technical services, offshore installation technical services, technical services for the connection and commissioning of offshore platforms/FPSO and other offshore facilities, quality inspection technical services, survey and measurement technical services, technical services for abandonment of offshore oil and gas facilities, new energy engineering and technical services, etc.

The pipeline engineering and technical service sector is an important business sector of COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch. Relying on the powerful resource support from COOEC, the company has established a technical service team with strong professional competence and capacity to deliver a wide variety of technical services, including subsea pipe laying/re-routing/maintenance and emergency repair, installation of expansion bends/risers, pipeline post-trenching, pre-commissioning, cleaning, purging, corrosion protection of connections/joints, hose and cable laying, maintenance and emergency repair, etc., and has 69 industrial standards/guides/standardized documents/instruction manuals/patents/software copyrights.

The offshore installation technical service sector offers various services including the sliding and ship-loading of large structures such as offshore platforms, offshore piling, grouting, FPSO towing/connect/disconnect. The company has the most complete series of hydraulic pipe hammers in Asia. From 2012 to the present, the company has completed the ship-loading of more than 320 structures and more than 120 piling operations, delivered services in many overseas countries and regions such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Brunei, and has been highly appraised by clients thanks to its excellent teamwork and strong professional competence. The company has a refined single-point mooring system/FPSO technical service team, which has completed the towing of 23 PFSOs, 16 offshore connections, 7 offshore disconnects, and the maintenance of 5 single-point mooring systems. During the period from 2015 to 2018, the company successfully completed the wet towing of the 0.30 Mt gross tonnage FPSO P67 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Qingdao, China and the dry towing of the same from Qingdao, China to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil over a single trip distance of 12000 nautical miles. Both the towing tonnage and distance set the world records.

The technical service sector for the connection and commissioning of offshore platforms/FPSO and other offshore facilities is the only fully-organized professional commissioning team within the organization of CNOOC,which is capable of commissioning various offshore platforms and modules, including large offshore units such as conventional offshore platforms (central platforms, wellhead platforms, drilling platforms, living quarters, etc.), jack-up drilling vessels, semi-submersible drilling units, FPSO, TLP, semi-submersible platforms, pipe-laying vessels, and LNG modules. The company has completed the commissioning of more than 110 projects and more than 320 platform/FPSO/JACK UP/LNG modules.

The quality inspection technical service sector mainly engages in quality inspection of offshore oil projects, such as jackets, wellhead modules, wellhead modules, power modules, living quarters, subsea pipelines, FPSOs, caissons, suction anchors and single-point mooring systems. Through continuous business expansion, the sector has made its mark in inspections related to pressure vessel manufacturing, inspection of in-service boilers and pressure vessels, thickness measurement of offshore platform structures and pipelines, ship repair/shipbuilding inspection, equipment in-factory inspection, LNG business related inspection, fourth party inspection, etc. The company has 250 sets of testing equipment including AUT, PAUT, X-ray and ultrasonic testing equipment, and more than 900 qualification certificates of inspection personnel issued by itative organizations including ASNT, PCN, CSWIP, CCS and other special equipment and non-destructing testing associations/societies.

The survey and measurement technical service sector has been established through integration and optimization of engineering survey and physical & chemical testing services. This sector offers various engineering survey services that ensure the achievement of predetermined dimension, precision and positioning during construction and installation, and has the capacity to complete jacket measurement, marine survey, LNG module survey and measurement, hull measurement, offshore installation measurement, pipeline positioning survey, etc. The company has class C survey qualification certificate issued by Tianjin Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, which consists of two parts, namely, engineering survey (class C) and marine survey (class C). The physical and chemical laboratory controls the quality of main structural steels used to construct offshore structures and has obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

Through over 10 years of development, the technical service sector for the abandonment of offshore oil and gas facilities has completed 15 research & development projects and 1 national-level construction method, has been granted 7 patent rights and 1 software copyright, and has completed nearly 20 abandonment projects, including the abandonment of various oilfield facilities such as platform modules, jackets, single-point mooring systems, subsea pipelines and cables. In 2017, the company was successfully awarded and completed the contract for abandonment of Chevron’s four platforms in Thailand, highly appraised by Chevron and local oil companies, and won the top safety award conferred by Chevron.

The new energy engineering and technical service sector offers engineering and technical services for offshore wind energy projects and oil/gas field facility upgrading and rebuilding projects. COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch has been continuously developing its offshore wind energy engineering and technical services. COOEC successfully completed a number of offshore wind energy projects including the offshore booster station project in Xiangshui, Jiangsu before 2015. Through intensive research on engineering technology and market, COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch was successfully awarded the contracts for “CECEP Offshore Booster Station Construction and Installation” project in Nanpeng Island, Yangjiang and “CHNG Offshore Booster Station Construction and Installation” project in Sheyang, Jiangsu. With the development of offshore wind energy industry towards the deep water and CNOOC’s return to offshore wind energy development, a broader offshore wind energy market will be developed. Under such a background, COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch will offer quality EPCI services along the entire industry chain through its professional competence and advanced management model relying on COOEC’s superior resources and rich project experiences. The technical services for the upgrading and rebuilding of oil and gas field facilities are the conventional businesses of COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch, which has strong technical capacity, has successively completed many large platform/equipment rebuilding projects, including KJO project in Saudi Arabia, overall upgrading and rebuilding of Chengbei Oilfield equipment and facilities, CFD new turbine generator project, Lishui new natural gas compressor, KL10-4 new turbine, etc., and has been highly appraised by the clients.

COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch is ready to seize every opportunity with a brand-new outlook and vigorous aspiration, and face every challenge with a resolution to forge ahead and a sense of accountability. The company will continue to focus on technology and innovation, take service as its objective, project as its driver and market demand as its orientation, continuously strengthen capacity building, and build an international leading provider of overall solutions for oil and gas engineering and technical services.