Core business (technology)

1. Deepwater Jacket Slippage Launching

The Company has completed dozens of deepwater jacket slippage launching projects, including Liwan 3-1 jacket (about 30,000 t), Panyu 30-1 jacket (200 m deep), etc. It has completely mastered the design and analysis technology of 200 m deepwater jacket slippage launching, and established the installation technology system of deepwater jacket slippage launching in an all-round way, reaching an international advanced level.

2. Large-scale Module Floating

At present, the Company has completed dozens of large-scale module floating projects, including Liwan 3-1 CEP module (conventional high-position floating, weighing 30,000 t), Lufeng 7-2 DPP module (conventional low-position float) and Huizhou 25-8 DPP module (DP floating). Technical capacity coverage: dynamic positioning/anchoring, low-position/conventional high-position, super shallow water/shallow water/relatively deep water, summer/winter, Bohai Sea/South China Sea, with whole series, all-weather and all-sea floating technology capacity, reaching an international advanced level.

3. Subsea Pipeline Laying

After years of development, a set of efficient and safe subsea pipeline installation technology system has been constructed for different sea conditions, such as Bohai Sea, South China Sea and East China Sea, covering S-lay flat pipe laying, riser installation, expansion bend installation, pigging and pressure test, drainage drying and inerting, shoal landing, directional drilling landing, buckling emergency, on-line structure installation and the complete set of technology system. Subsea pipeline installation technology and practical construction experience cover various water depth from shoal, shallow water, continental slope to 1,500 m deep in the water, various pipe diameters from 4 to 58 inches, and various pipeline materials such as carbon steel pipe and composite pipe. It has achieved km-level subsea pipeline laying accuracy of 0.3%, successfully completed the international projects in sea areas of Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia and West Africa, and formed the international all sea areas and multi-type subsea pipeline installation capacity, with the overall subsea pipeline installation technology reaching an international advanced level.